Picture This! Frame Shop & Gallery

Picture This opened in 2010 by Karen Kearney. Karen has more than 23 years framing experience and has been proudly working in Gainesville for the past 17 years. After two years at Campus Outfitters Karen had enough regular customers and the initiative to start her own shop and Picture This! was born. Over the years Karen has mastered the art of picture framing.

When you bring your artwork, diploma, memorabilia or family pictures we will help you pick out the frame and mat borders that will make it look great on your walls. Our goal is for you to have a unique frame job at an affordable price. Picture This! has and will continue to stand by our high quality work and our competitive prices.

About our materials

We use all acid free materials. The acids in paper mats cause discoloration. It's a shame when something is framed nicely and instead of being protected it's still being harmed.

Most all of our frames come from Larson-Juhl. They have tons of frames in a wide variety of styles and collections. The frames vary from ornate to basic, from very expensive to affordable. We mostly carry wood frames but metal frames can be ordered as well. Visit the Larson Juhl site to see all the available frames.

The mats that we use come from Larson-Juhl's Bainbridge line. There are hundreds of colors of mats, more than enough to make your head spin. If you would like to take a look here's a link. to the Larson-Juhl page.

The regular glass that we use filters out 45% of harmful UV-rays which is good for most pieces. Conservation glass filters out 99% of UV-rays. Conservation glass is best used on original art or collectibles with signatures that you want to protect from fading. Reflection control glass prevents all that nasty glare. Reflection control filters out 78% of UV rays. The one issue with reflection control glass is it can cause fuzziness. Museum glass filters out 99% of UV-rays and offers non-glare quality without the fuzziness. We also carry Plexiglas, great for kid's rooms or large pieces. For more information visit Tru-Vue.com.

Some of the more popular frames and mats we keep in stock, and we offer the full Larson-Juhl line of frames